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I use this page on all of my genealogy websites and you are welcome to use any part or all of it on your site:

I've gotten numerous requests for guidance in researching ancestors. The following list is where I'd begin my research:

Talk to everyone in your family about what they know about the ancestors, keeping in mind that memories can fade and that some of their information is inaccurate. (Great Grandma was a full-blooded Indian or we came over on the Mayflower are two examples of information that is said over & over that is usually not true.) Write down what you've found out. Buy or download a free genealogy program to organize your information. Brother's Keeper is shareware and can be downloaded for free. Using a computer program all of your information is organized and can be emailed to someone easily.

Use ALL types of spellings when you look for records. Many times the spelling changed (Hawley to Holley) or the person writing down the information had trouble deciphering the script. Sometimes names are spelled so "screwy" that your best bet is just to go through the pages. The "s" looks like "f" in some old script, so Smith could look like Fith to a beginning transcriber.

Use the search engine on this web and others to locate surnames.

Post a query on the query board. There are a number of different query boards including Surname Boards -Gen Forum & County Boards. (They're listed in the Links section)

Join the email list and ask questions about your ancestors there.

Check census records in the county and in surrounding counties. The 1850 census records begin listing all of the family members and where each was born.

Check the Cemetery records.

Check the funeral home listings. Many times people did not have money to buy a tombstone, but their remains were handled by an undertaker.

Check the local Genealogy Library to see if they have any biographical information on the family you are searching for.

Check the birth, death and marriage records. Those may list parents names, etc. Get copies of these records by ordering them from the appropriate source.

Check the old newspapers in the library. You may also write one of the libraries to see if your family member's name is listed in any index they may have of old newspapers. (Sometimes people have done abstracts of old newspapers and have made an index of the names they've found.)

If the ancestor was in the Civil War, order the records! They have a great deal of information in them!

Don't take every piece of information someone sends you as gospel! Ask for sources! Verify information! Have an open mind! YOU could be mistaken!

New! Seeking Information emails


Kemper County Volunteers

There are many Kemper County resources available. If you own any Kemper County books (or have access to), whether listed or not, and will provide reference information , please let me know. As you can see, volunteers are needed. (BADLY!!)

Kemper County Histories, Atlases, etc 

Come Walk With Me, an Autobiography and History, by Glenn T. Gordy   (Surname listing-Please check the surname listing before requesting a lookup) -Ann Willeford

Kemper County - The Pioneer Days, by Louis Parmer - Ann Willeford

Southeast Kemper Its People and communities, by Louis Parmer - Ann Willeford

"Youngblood-Armstrong and Allied Families" by Frances Youngblood and Floelle Youngblood Bonner. That book covers the James Arnold McDade bloodline, including not only MS, but GA, AL, LA, AR,
and TX branches of the family. Mary Thoeni

Kemper County Census Records

(1) Please put Kemper County in the subject line. (I've put it there for you, but if it doesn't show up, please add it.)
(2) Remember: Someone had to be alive in 1850 to be listed on the 1850 census, so just make sure when you're making a request that the person is alive!
(3) Please send a plain e-mail. It is not necessary to send an attachment.

Thanks! This will make it much easier for our volunteers!

Kemper Census Records 1850 -Randy Wall

Kemper Census Records 1870-Teryl Smith

Kemper County Civil War Records

Finding Information on Your Kemper County Confederate Ancestor - Tom Neely 


Researchers' Email Addresses [We still working on this]

Because there are so many email gathering spiders, I have decided to place everyone's email in a graphic file. Your name will be on all of the information you have submitted, but your email address will be an image on this page. People that wish to contact you will have to retype your information. Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of spam you receive. I'm sorry that it is an inconvenience, but at this time, I believe this is the best way to handle the situation. If your email address is incorrect, please let me know and I'll change it. The nice thing about doing it this way, is that I can change your address on all pages by just changing the image.


Carol - on Matlock in soldiers

Adams, Tad   

Allison, Kathy

Allred, Gene

Arthur, Carolann

Barker, Carol

Barnes, Vera

Bell, Nancy

Betts, Lyn

Bonney, Donna

Bowden, Wes

Boyd, Raymond

Branch, Barbara

Branning, Tom

Brant, Frankie S.

Breedlove, Ann

Bridges, Dwight 

Broadhead, Joann

Brown, Darlene

Brown, Vendetta

Browning, Ken

Bryant, Marsha

Burch, Roy Burroughs, Veronica


Burton, Peggy

Byrd, Sandra Talbert

Campbell, Alma

Carter, Vicki

Casey, Jean

Caver, Larry E. Jr.

Chambers, Helen

Chandler, Dawn

Childress, Lisa

Clair, Jim

Carolyn Copeland

Craig, Janelle Floore

Craig, John Thomas 

Daly, Beverly M.

Davis, David

Dennis, Faye

Dethloff, Sarah

DeViers, Darlene

DeVane, Billie H.

Dolan, Patrick T.

Driskell, Dawn

Ely, Sylvia  

Evans, Bonnie

Everett, Linda

England, Grayson

Forbes,H. J. Jr.   

Forster, Bettye 

G., Dot

Galloway, Randy

Gibson, Mary Lois

Grace, Cheryl

Grant, Al

Gray, Sherry Gray

Greer, Laura 

Griffin, Trecia 

Guice, Jean B.

Gully, Rosie

Hagwood, Elizabeth

Hall, Paula

Hankovich, Nan

Harris, Dale

Harris, Sue

Hayes, Linda

Henderson, Fred

Hennen, Carolyn

Hester, Gwen

Hopper, Harold

Hudson, Rosie

Huffman, Jim

Jenkins, Linda

Jenkins, Milton

Johnson, Lea

Johnson, Johnnie

Johnson, Penny

Jones, Bob

Juhl, Mindie

Kines, Paul

Landrum, LaNelle

Lindsay, C. D.

Long, Dave

Lyon, LeFloris   leflorislyon@msn.com

Mallette, Bob

McAdory, Jeff

McCracken, Ernest W.

McCune, Kenneth

McKenney, Bruce R.

McKinnon, Kay

McRaven, Bryan D.

Marston, Susan  

Martin, Lynn

Merritt, Marc

Midkiff, June S.  

Moore, Billy P.

Moran, Delita

Morrison, Bill

Neely, Tom

Nicholson, Sondra

Oubre, Stephen

Oden, John

Payne, Cindy

Persons, Edwin

Peschka, Betty Joe Snowden 

Prehn, Chip    McWilliams descendant

Pickett, David

Poole, Tammy 

Popejoy, Patricia Ponder

Prey, Lesley Baird        lesley66@charter.net

Ramsey, Betty

Reese, Nancy

Reid, Ernie

Roberts, Fay

Ross, Joy

Rupert, Hattie

Sartin, Viv

Seale, Thomas

Seals, Nacole

Sedlacek, Mary Connor

Seymour, John Clark

Shambarger, Bob

Sharp, Bobby F.

Smith, Desiree Stokes

Smith, Donnie

Smith, Karl H.

Smith, Teryl

Spoon, Debbie

Steeley, Billie

Stevens, Danny

Stewart, Dick

Tait, Terri

Taylor, Denise Lang

Tamblyn, Carolyn

Thomas, Guy H

Tillett, Martin W.

Tinsley, Billy R.

Tinsley, Sean 

Toney, Wanda

Tucker, Joyce

Ussery, John

Van Devender, Bob

Vandevender, Walt

Van Horne, Marleen

Van Ness, Thomas E.

Wall, Randy

Warren, DeWayne 

Waters, Bobbie Hailey

Wagener, Jim 

Weatherford, Tommie H.

Webster, Mary

Wells, Denise

West, Bettie

West, D.

White, Walter M.

Whitley, Annajoy Fowler 

Wilkins, Carolyn

Willeford, Ann

Williams, Darlene

Williams, John

Williams, Kristy   KDWIAM@email.msn.com or KDWIAM@.msn.com





To list your Kemper surnames on this page, send them to L. Lyon. If you find any email addresses that do not work, please let me know so I can remove them. 


If you have questions or problems with this site,
email the Kemper County Coordinator: LeFloris Lyon
I am unable to do your personal research.
I do not live in Kemper County MS.

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Last modified: 03/03/16.

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