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 There are some tombstones in small unnamed cemeteries that appear to be abandoned. You will find those listings at Abandoned Tombstones.

If you have additional information on any of these cemeteries and churches such as burials, directions, history, or additions, please let me know.

Marleen VanHorne did have a cemetery index that she had done for the Kemper site. People copied her work and have it for sale now without her consent. She will do lookups or you can use the search engine on the Kemper site. To request a lookup... Click here. All she has is what is currently online. She does NOT have any additional information. The best thing about this type of lookup is she can give you names and cemetery location of everyone with that surname. This way you don't have to go from page to page on the GenWeb site.

See Lesley's Family Tree for additional church & cemetery records.



Mississippi Department of Archives and History

          Criteria for the Certification of the Historical Significance of Abandoned Cemeteries under the Provisions of House Bill No. 780, Laws of Mississippi, 1971. The request for a certificate of historical significance must pertain to an "abandoned" cemetery.

Historic Preservation
PO Box 571, Jackson, MS 39205-0571
Phone: 601-576-6940 (Fax: 601-576-6955)




Abandoned Tombstones / Cemeteries


Abandoned Scooba Cemetery


Jennings Cemetery



Anderson Jackson - Preston

Anderson Jackson {Old} - Preston, [aka] Old Burrage Cemetery

Antioch Baptist Cemetery - Townsend

Ashland Cemetery - Scooba

Bay Springs Baptist Cemetery - Oak Grove

Bethel Methodist Cemetery - Daleville

Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery -

Bethany Springs Cemetery - Oak Grove

Big Oak Methodist Cemetery - Moscow

Binnsville Cemetery - Paulette

Blackwater Cemetery - Daleville

Blackwater New Hope Baptist Cemetery - Blackwater

Bloomfield Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Blue Chapel Cemetery - Scooba

Bluff Springs Cemetery - Lynnville

Briggs Chapel Cemetery - Porterville

Brown Cemetery - no location listed

Burrage Cemetery OLD - [aka] Anderson Jackson {Old} - Preston

Cedar Lawn Memorial Cemetery - Scooba

Center Ridge Baptist Cemetery - Oak Grove

Chamberlin Cemetery - Kellis Store [East]

Chamberlin Cemetery - Kellis Store [West] (African American)

Chapel Hill Cemetery - Oak Grove

Cherry Cemetery - Townsend

Chisholm Cemetery - Center Hill

Clark Chapel Church Cemetery - Lynnville

Cole Cemetery - Moscow

Coye Assembly of God Church Cemetery - Vernon

Daleville Cemetery - Daleville

Damascus Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery - Damascus

DeKalb Cemetery - DeKalb

Dripping Springs Cemetery - no location listed

Dry Creek Baptist Cemetery - Preston

Electric Mills Cemetery - Between Scooba & DeKalb

Enondale Cemetery - Porterville

Felton Cemetery - Townsend

First Baptist Walahak Cemetery

Floore Family Cemetery - no location listed

Frazier Grove Cemetery - Center Hill

Gibson Family Cemetery

Giles Cemetery - Scooba

Giles-Neville Cemetery - Giles

Hampton Cemetery - Lauderdale

Hensons Cemetery - Owl Creek

Hopewell Cemetery - House

Jerusalem Cemetery - DeKalb

Jordan Cemetery - no location listed

Key Family Cemetery - no location listed

Klondike Cemetery - Center Hill

Liberty Cemetery - House

Linwood Cemetery - Moscow

Luke Family Cemetery

Lynville Cemetery - Lynville

Lynnwood Cemetery - Damascus

Macedonia Cemetery - Oak Grove

Mamie's Chapel Cemetery - Kellis Store

McDonald Cemetery - Moscow

McRae Cemetery - DeKalb

Mendon Zion Primitive Baptist Church - no location listed

Morrison Family Cemetery, Private - no location listed

Mount Ararat Church Cemetery - Paulette

Mount Hebron Cemetery - Tamola

Mount Olive Cemetery - Moscow

Mount Pleasant Cemetery - Moscow

Mt. Salem M. B. Church Cemetery

Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery

New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery - Between DeKalb & Moscow

New Hope Methodist Church Cemetery

New Hope Cemetery - Lauderdale

Nicholson Cemetery - White Horse Bluff

Oden Cemetery - Oak Grove

Old Salem or Dripping Springs Cemetery

Old Scooba Cemetery - Scooba

Old Union Cemetery

Old Wahalak Cemetery: also known as Field's Cemetery - Paulette

Pawticfaw Cemetery - Lauderdale

Pierce-Bounds Cemetery: aka Tolbert Cemetery - Mt. Pleasant

Pilgrim Rest M. B. Church Cemetery - no location listed

Pinecrest Cemetery - DeKalb

Pleasant Grove Baptist Cemetery - Lynnville

Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery - no location listed

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery - Post

Pleasant Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Preston

Porterville Cemetery - Porterville

Reed Road Cemetery - Preston

Robbins Cemetery - Porterville

Rock Hill Primitive Baptist Cemetery - no location listed

Rush Cemetery - Near Moscow

Saint John Baptist Church Cemetery

Saint Luke Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Salem Cemetery - Lynnville

Scooba Cemetery - Scooba

Seale Family Cemetery

Shady Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery - Oak Grove

Shepherd Cemetery - Lynnville

Shiloh Methodist Cemetery - Moscow

Smith Family Cemetery - Lynnville

Smyrna Presbyterian Cemetery - Lynnville

Smyrna Presbyterian Cemetery, Part B - Lynnville

Spanish Oak Church Cemetery

Spring Hill Methodist Church Cemetery - DeKalb

Saint John's Baptist Cemetery - no location listed

Saint Luke Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery - no location listed

Stovall Cemetery - Owl Creek

Sunflower Baptist Church Cemetery - Scooba

Sunny Mount Giles Baptist Cemetery - Scooba

Talbert Cemetery - Moscow

Tamola Cemetery - Tamola

Terry Court Cemetery

Tinsley Cemetery - Moscow

Tubb Cemetery - Preston

Tucker Cemetery - no location listed

Turner Cemetery - Hwy 16

Twin Cemeteries - Shuqualak

Union Hill Church Cemetery - no location listed

Union Cemetery - Electric Mills

Union Kemper Springs Baptist Church Cemetery - Kemper Springs

Union Methodist Church Cemetery - Oak Grove

Unity Springs Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Unnamed Private Cemetery - no location listed

Van Devender Cemetery - Gholson

Vernon (Dripping Springs) Cemetery

Wahalak Cemetery - Shuqualak

Watkins-White Private Cemetery

West Kemper Baptist Cemetery - Moscow

Zion Cemetery - Rio



Carter Cemetery, Scooba, Kemper, MS - submitted by: Nancy Scott Bell

Felton Cemetery, Kemper County, Mississippi - Partial Listing by: Edwin A. Persons

Indian & Slave Cemetery - Complete Survey - Abstracted By: Veronica Wyatt

Old Scooba Cemetery, Scooba, Kemper, MS  - Submitted by Joan L. Uptagrafft

Twin Cemetery Indian And Slave Info on photo - Abstracted By: Veronica Wyatt

Twin Cemetery - Complete Survey - Abstracted By: Veronica Wyatt



Submitting Cemetery Information

I am always pleased to receive information on local cemeteries. If you have information to send, if possible please send it in this format:


Last Name, First Middle   Birthdate-Death date, any information on the tombstone, including "shares a stone with ..." Please use upper and lower case letters, not all caps. For dates, unless you are sending me the entire cemetery list, please use month day, year as the format, otherwise I have to retype all of the dates. I use the first 3 letters of the month for the abbreviation and do not use a period at the end of the month.

For example:

Smith, Frederick I.   Jul 25, 1880-Mar 2, 1937, husband of Mary Elizabeth, shares stone with Mary

Smith, Sue   Mar 1, 1902 - Sep 2, 1902, dau of Fred and Mary, shares stone with Tom


If possible, name the pictures in all lower case letters. Use the initials of the first and middle names. Put last name first. When I match the picture with the names, I can easily find them if last names are first. Most servers (including the ones I use) will not take files with spaces or punctuation marks in them (Smith, Fred and Mary). If the pictures aren't named, it's okay. I can rename them.

For example:


If Fred Isaiah and Mary Elizabeth share a stone, then name it with both names:


I know that I'm asking quite a bit, but I have other county websites. Please do not send just pictures. It is very difficult and very time consuming for me to go through each tombstone picture and try to read names and dates. Please put the written information in the email.

I will resize and crop all the pictures if needed. If they're not very clear, I'll work on making them as clear as I can get them.

You don't have to alphabetize the list of names, I can easily do that in Excel.

One last thing --- Please write the name of the cemetery and the county in the subject line of the email. You'd be surprised how many counties have the same names for their cemeteries! One time I posted Mississippi information on my Warrick, Indiana website!

Thanks so much for making it easy for me to get information posted for researchers!


If you have questions or problems with this site,
email the Kemper County Coordinator: LeFloris Lyon
I am unable to do your personal research.
I do not live in Kemper County MS.

LeFloris Lyon 2003-2016 All rights reserved
Last modified: 03/03/16.

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